Office Hours

Monday-Saturday: 8 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 10-11 am & 4-6 pm

Kennel Location:

6026 Ocean Gateway
Trappe, MD 21673
(No mail Delivery at this address)
Phone: 410-822-2187
Fax: 410-822-4528
Email: gregstrong@topofthebaypetlodge.com


We are located 4 miles south of Easton (East), Maryland on Route 50 just at mile marker 69.


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Top of the Bay Pet Lodge Tour

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IMG 3638
  • IMG 3638
    Residence for Staff Members
  • IMG 3641
    A pond for our Geese and Ducks
  • IMG 3648
    Entering the Facility
  • IMG 3652
    Entering the Facility
  • IMG 3651
    Entering Facility
  • IMG 3644
    Leaving the Facility
  • IMG 6664
    Staff residence after a beautiful snow
  • IMG 7754
    Definitely a 3 Dog Night in the office on a winter eve.
  • IMG 6666
    Leaving the facility on a winter day.
  • IMG 7756
    The Geese and Ducks enjoying the Winter.
  • IMG 7761
    Arriving at the facility before the plow.
  • IMG 7764
    A beautiful moment in the play yard.
  • IMG 7768
    As the sun sets and the paths get cleared.
  • IMG 7762
    Not going to a show any time soon, I hope!

  • IMG 3632
    Bouvier and Bearded Collies at play
  • IMG 3633
    Cricket being curious
  • IMG 3635
    The Facility
  • IMG 0383
    Curious Bouvier pups in a play yard.
  • IMG 0390
    Cricket and Bromley (Bouvier litter mates) at play.

  • DSC00495
    A Long Sit Stay during a Private Obedience Class.
  • DSC00539
    Another use for treats is teaching the "Recall" or the "Come" command during Private Lesson.
  • DSC00540
    A Sit in front completes the Recall during Private Lesson.
  • DSC00507
    Another successful Long Sit during Training Camp!
  • DSC00444
    Instruction and demonstration session with Owners following completion of Training Camp.
  • DSC00445
    Showing proper leash positioning during Training Camp.
  • DSC00453
    Now we have it...during Training Camp!
  • DSC00480
    During the "Go Home" session following Training Camp, instructions is given to the Owners to complete the course.

  • DSC00634-(2)
    What a great day at Daycare!
  • DSC00603
    Another fun day at Daycare
  • DSC00608
    Lot's of exercise at Daycare. I think they will sleep good tonight!
  • DSC00632-(2)
    Who's turn is it to chase the ball at Daycare?

IMG 3638


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